Are The Clothes You’re Wearing Negatively Affecting Your Health?

The answer to that question really depends on another question. Are the clothes that you’re wearing too tight or altered? If you think they might be then there is a good chance that they are hurting your health in some significant way. There’s a few common fashion choices that women, and some men, make that continue to land them in the doctor’s office when they really don’t need to be.
One of these is handbags that are too heavy. Most of us have heard about the ill effects that heavy backpacks can have on children’s backs but many of us don’t apply the same logic to ourselves when it comes to overweight accessories. What you don’t realize is that when you carry a heavy handbag you end up shouldering the weight with only one side of your body and not the other. This incredibly uneven weight distribution will very likely cause a huge strain on your lower back and/or your shoulders. The rule of thumb should be that your handbag should always weigh less than five pounds, otherwise, it’s time for a backpack.
Another fashion choice that’s physically harming people is when they choose to wear pants that are way too tight. Doing this can result in considerable nerve damage which can lead to numbness in and around your legs but, more importantly, it could lead to decreased use and control over your legs later on down the road in your life. We aren’t saying you will end up paralyzed by this but you could be getting a lot less use out of your legs if you continue this.
The third thing that people are wearing that’s negatively affecting their health is wearing shoes that are too pointed in the front. It might sound ridiculous but it isn’t. Doing this on a more frequent basis can lead to a litany of foot related health issues including but not limited to: stress fractures, bunions, hammertoes and worse. So, be cautious of what you wear no matter how great you look!

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