The Hottest Fitness Trends Of 2016

There are several new fitness trends on the rise for 2016. You will hear of all sorts of interesting concepts from things like faith based fitness and workouts like HIIT training. In the fast paced technological world that we are living in, it comes as no surprise that some of the biggest fitness trends for the year are coming from a technological standpoint. Here are the details on some of the biggest fitness trends in 2016.

For years mankind have been changing their lifestyles by leaps and bounds due to the rapid growth of our technology. There is no exception to that in the fitness department. In 2008 the FitBit was released and every year since then, more and more companies have been creating similar products with more enhanced features. This year several brands of fitness watches have hit the market from companies like Misfit, Jawbone, Garmin, and TomTom. All of these products have in common the abilities to accurately keep track of your daily steps, sleep, and basic sports tracking.

Others have more enhanced features, like the Jawbone UP3. The Jawbone has the ability to track your resting and passive heart rate. Then there are several brands that offer the ability to have smartphone notifications, but my favorite is the Misfit Shine 2 that also boasts the fact that it is waterproof for swim tracking. The Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch also has some really nice features that come in handy outdoors. One of those features is the fact that it has a sunlight readable color touchscreen. Anyone who owns a smartphone can tell you that the sunlight readability feature is a huge blessing when your outdoors, which is where you would be using the smart watch most of the time. The screen is also larger on the Garmin than most other products which allows easier access to all your data and the ability to switch in and out of your applications a lot faster than most products. If you are someone who needs to keep in touch with your phone at all times the Garmin would be a great choice for you. The TomTom smart watch is very similar to the Garmin in many aspects, but the TomTom Multisport boasts the fact that it’s super tough and rugged. So if you are the type of person that usually carries insurance on your cell phone because you break it or drop it a lot, I might recommend the TomTom to you simply for the extra endurance.

Really there are a ton of choices out there that range from stylish to sleek and everywhere in between. Every brand carries several different types of each smart watch. So whether you are a swimmer, a golfer, a runner, or just someone trying to get into shape they have something to fit your needs. They all have optional features and it’s just up to the buyer to decide which option best fits their lifestyle and needs.

Another huge trend in the technology field for 2016 will be streaming fitness. Many people who now rely on streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu to supply their basic television entertainment are now using similar companies to stream live workout videos in the comfort of their own home. There are many programs to choose from and most of them depend on what type of workout you are looking for and the amount of money that you can afford to pay. There are streams like Crunch Live that charge you either 19.99 a month or 90 dollars for a year and offer a variety of workouts like cardio and strength training. Then there are streams like Jessica Smith, who is a personal trainer that offers her services for free. She offers quick workouts in a wide range of styles to help fit people’s lifestyles. There are many different streaming sites out there with a wide variety of workouts to chose from. Whether you feel like you need someone more along the lines of a personal trainer or you just want to join a group workout like you would at any other gym there is something out there for everyone. This trend could really begin to dominate the workout world, since it gives you the ability to work out anywhere and anytime that you want.

Hearing the name of the HIIT workout some people might be confused, but HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This workout regime has been around for a long time, but is quickly becoming a hot trend this year. The reason that it is becoming so popular is that it is can be incorporated into whatever type of workout you like. If you are a fan of cycling simply kick it up a notch and do a few high speed intervals, instead of one long ride. The HIIT technique allows you to work out in shorter bursts over time instead of one long workout and reap much higher benefits. You can also work out less times per week and still get the same gain or more. With the ability to incorporate this technique into any workout and reap huge benefits it is easy to see why this workout is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends of 2016.

Many people in 2016 are finding the right path to fitness by enrolling in fitness programs with their local churches. This is a huge benefit to some communities that might have a population that can’t afford a gym membership every month. It also allows people to have guidance and support from a group of people that they already trust and feel comfortable with. Many churches are also using this faith based fitness regime to help introduce their members to better, healthier ways to eat. They provide diet regulations and goals to help their congregation reach their full potential and become healthier through their faith. I could see this trend really start to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

No matter how what type of exercise you prefer there are plenty of different hot new variety’s and gadgets to choose from in 2016 to keep you moving. The important part is to stay active and get out there. No one can exercise for you and it’s sure to help put you in a better mood and make you an overall healthier person.

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