Hydrospinning Is All The Rage

And you thought that spin class was hard enough…
Hydrospinning is a special spin class where the “bike” you spin on is partially submerged underwater leaving your upper body above water and your lower body, which is doing all the physical work, underwater too. What’s the point? It’s pretty simple – any physical activity when performed is much more difficult because of the massive amounts of extra resistance. This leads to a much better work out which will burn many more calories than normal spinning does.
Many professional athletes use underwater training for an super intense event such as power-lifters training for the strongman competition or triathletes getting ready for a triathlon. We have already mentioned the immense benefits from a cardiovascular standpoint – burning many more calories than you normally would but there are other benefits too. One such benefit is that your legs and lower body in general will get much stronger, much more quickly. The process also helps strengthen your core. The water contact can also help greatly reduce cellulite.
The practice started as a physical therapy regimen as it also those with injuries to train without putting an unnecessary strain on their joints. It now has evolved into a fun reason to get your workout done in the pool. One thing that may surprise you about hydrospinning class is that you likely won’t feel sore afterwords because of how easy the workout is on your joints and other areas of tension in your body but make no mistake – the workout itself is incredibly difficult. It is not advisable to try one of these classes before you have been through several actual spin classes first.

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