Not Sure What Supplements To Take? Try These!

If you find yourself wondering exactly what supplements to take before during and after your workout, you are not alone.
Many people who have no trouble getting regular exercise/workouts in don’t know what to take or why they’re taking whatever their currently taking. Many people just walk into a supplement store and takes what the clerk tells them at face value – that’s a mistake. Many of those clerks work on some sort of commission so rather than concerning themselves with your overall health and fitness goals they are concerned with selling you the highest ticket items to garner their salary the most they possibly can.
Of course they wouldn’t recommend something harmful but they certainly might recommend something useless with a high price. Well, worry no more. The following is a comprehensive list of supplements and their purpose that all healthy adults should consider using in conjunction with a regular workout regiment.

  1. Zinc

    This supplement aids your overall health (which when it really comes down to it is most important) via strengthening your immune system. It would be wise to take this supplement everyday to start your day whether or not you have a set exercise routine or not!


  3. Glutamine

    This will help you as far as longevity. This means that glutamine prevents muscle deterioration thus helping you hold onto your valuable gains for an extended period of time. In short, it’s an acid that helps your muscle stay in peak form for longer.


  5. Multivitamin

    This your “one stop shop” of supplements. That being said it is NOT the ONLY supplement you should take. However, it very much can be the only vitamin you take. Vitamins are crucial in the development of muscles. So, making sure you get plenty of all necessary vitamins is very important. Taking a multivitamin takes care of all of that for you.

  6. Casein Protein

    Casein protein is a protein that takes a longer time for your body to digest. So, it’s optimal for those who train at night or when you are on rest days because it has a slower than normal release of amino acids.

  7. Fish Oil

    This supplement can be very helpful because it contains omega-3’s which are fats that are vital to a bodies’ function including heart function and muscle building which are two big and important ones for all of the body builders out there!

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