Protein And How It Can Hurt You

Africans have a 50% less incidence of colon cancer across the board and many suspect that this is because their diets are so low in animal proteins. This is suspected to be the case because most animal proteins don’t get digested properly and as a result many harmful toxins get released into the body. Ammonia is once such toxin that results from this and it ends up destroying some cells and rapidly increasing the growth of other cells which considerably increases the risk of cancer.
One way to avoid this is by switching to a plant based diet which can reverse these ill effects in as little as one week. Not only that, but it can have added benefits as well such as many vegetables detoxifying your cells. Overall, there is a direct correlation between higher intakes of animal proteins and higher cancer rates. The cancer rates in Africans who almost always eat a plant based diet naturally was incredibly lower than in Americans who tend to have diets high in animal proteins.
The point isn’t that you should immediately jump ship and go full on Vegan but that you should seriously consider eating much less animal protein and much more fruits and vegetables. For years people said that greens should cover two thirds of your plate and that, as it turns out, should be a minimum. Realistically, your diet should be no more than a quarter of animal proteins.

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