Start Using Kettle Bell Fitness For Better Performance…

When it comes to working out, the best exercise combinations are those that tie in cardio as well as strength training into the same workout. The extremely dynamic nature of kettle bell fitness techniques and methods allow for this to happen. Lately, the benefits associated with kettle bell fitness have come to the forefront as more and more trainers as well as fitness-conscious individuals have begun to realize just how comprehensive and effective using kettle bells in their workout routine can be.
Why kettle bells and not dumbbells?
Although it is true that almost every exercise performed using a kettle bell can be performed using a dumbbell, kettle bells have a distinct advantage tied into their overall design that gives them the advantage. Oddly shaped, with a handle and the bulk of the weight being massed up into a dense ball attached to that handle, kettle bells have a unique design that encourages usability. This shape allows for a multitude of grind and ballistic exercises to be performed while the individual performing the exercise can maintain a natural and fluid body motion.
Exercises that involve snatch and swing motions, even though could be performed using a dumbbell, are just more convenient and efficient when performed using kettle bells. This is mostly because the kettle bell can effectively become an extension of the fitness-conscious individual’s arm. During a snatch or a swing motion, the handle allows you to loosely hold the kettle bell while the bell itself floats freely outwards carried by the momentum of the hip thrust. This puts more into the upward of down swing thus calling more muscles into play without risk of unnecessary injury.
In addition to the momentum created by the design of the kettle bell itself, the handle allows for more convenient motion. Not only does it allow you to have an incredible hold on the kettle bell by facilitating a solid grip, but the shape of the handle allows for easy back and forth passing of the bell. This further allows for fluidity and uninterrupted continuity during a set. Having this kind of efficient convenience can allow you to do more during a set and thus get more out of your workout, both strength and cardio-wise.
With each swing or motion of the kettle bell, your body calls upon more muscles to stabilize itself and deal with the offset weight. What this means is that with each motion, you will be calling upon more muscles that will have to go through a wider and longer range of motion. This not only encourages incredible form and build, but also facilitates better flexibility and improve deep muscle stabilization.
Kettle bells facilitate ‘functional workouts’
The thing about exercise is that it essentially should be geared towards making us better performers when it comes to everyday chores. Admittedly, some exercises such as bench presses and pushups only do this by increasing our strength and endurance but they do not necessarily improve our range of motion or flexibility. This is one of the main reasons why kettle bell fitness exercises are much more dynamic than most. They take into account and encourage ‘functional fitness’.
What this means is that they allow you to get better at things that you would normally do on a day to day basis. For example, the snatch and swing movements can come in handy when you want to pick up your toddler or swing your laptop back on to your shoulder. From lugging heavy grocery bags to hoisting gallons of milk, these exercises acclimatize you to these kinds of movements. The best part is that during these exercises, you follow the natural flow and motion of your body. Instead of awkwardly holding the weight while you try to gain from the ensuing resistance as you would with most exercise tools and equipment.
Finally, using kettle bells will immensely improve your posture. One of the main advantages of having an exercise equipment that calls a lot of your muscles into play all at the same time is that your core muscles will be fully engaged throughout the exercise session. This means improved posture and increased overall strength. Remember to keep your form at all times when using kettle bells.
They are compact, easy to use, safe and depending on how you do it, fun. Kettle bell fitness is by far one of the best ways to get the most out of your routine exercise sessions.

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