What’s Really Going On With These Healthy Ingredients?

The vast majority of you that take the time to read this blog are very aware of what constitutes a healthy meal and what doesn’t. But, how many of you know what’s really in some of those healthy meals you eat? It can’t hurt to find out! You can make your own decision as to whether or not you want to continue eating food with these ingredients or maybe you’ll want to eat even more – who knows! The purpose of this article is to inform you of the reality behind some of the most popular ingredients in health food and, more importantly, inspire you to dig deeper yourself and do more intense research on what’s going into your body.


  1. Nutritional Yeast

    Many people, including the vast majority of vegans, swear by the flavor and health benefits of nutritional yeast yet no one seems to know what the hell it really is. The short version is this: nutritional yeast grows on molasses and sugar cane. It is then heated, washed and dried. At this point it is in the state many of you seem to know it best as. Most importantly, it has almost no sodium or fat and has a bunch of vitamin B and protein.


  3. Chia Seeds

    sound familiar? That’s because you recognize the name “Chia” from “Chia Pets” and, yes, they are one in the same. The seeds that spawned those absurd “pets” are now being consumed in the name of health and deliciousness. They contain a bunch of protein, minerals, fiber, and omegas as well as help regulate fluids inside of your body. However, the seeds do grow when mixed with liquid so if you make a shake with them be sure to let it sit for a little bit so they don’t expand while in your throat which could cause a choking hazard.


  5. Spirulina

    For those of you eating this without really knowing what it was – you’ve been eating sea algae. The reason you may not have known or even suspected this is because spirulina is harvested, washed, dried and then crushed into a powder-like substance thus preventing it from looking like algae. That sounds like a bad thing but it really isn’t. It contains many antioxidants, protein, and iron. It has been said it may even help focus and energy to boot. BUT be aware of the risk of toxicity due to the fact it grows in water.


  7. Coconut Sugar

    made from the sap of coconut trees, this sugar is rising quickly in it’s popularity among health enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there aren’t many health benefits that come with consuming this stuff. Although, there aren’t any negative health impacts either. I’m looking at you, regular white sugar.

  8. Coconut Aminos

    The world’s most popular substitute for soy sauce unfortunately has almost no health benefits. But, it doesn’t contain the negative ingredients and negative health effects that soy sauce certainly does. So, if you’re a big soy sauce enthusiast but want something healthier then go with the coconut aminos. Other than that, there isn’t much of any reason to jolt coconut aminos into your diet but that’s just our opinion.

  9. Matcha

    In short, matcha is tea. The only difference being that it is ground to a powder and mixed with the water rather than put into a bag in leaf form. This alone is beneficial for your health because it allows your body to absorb the tea which is certainly good for you. This tea also helps fight disease, increase brain function, and help you lose weight. However, the leaves do contain lead so you won’t want to have more than one cup a day.


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