Trending: Fitness Wearables

One of the hottest on-the-rise fitness trends over the past two years has been the dramatic increase in the use of “fitness wearables.” No, this is not a type of clothing. Rather, the term “fitness wearable” refers to any dive you wear or keep on your person that tracks your progress during your workout in some way. Most of these devices use heart rate monitoring and/or GPS to track your cardiovascular progress during your workout. For something so simple and readily available that you just and set forget – why not get in on the trend?
The iPhone actually has a few apps and functions that can serve this purpose but you can’t really attach your iPhone to your body to monitor yourself so this is likely the worst option you can choose albeit still an available option. The two biggest players in the fitness wearable game are Fitbit and Garmin both of which actually have several devices to choose from.
The top Fitbit accessory is the Fitbit Surge which is a watch that monitors heart rate and GPS. BUT it also does a lot more such as tracks specific activities such as hiking, yoga, and weight lifting. It will also allow you, with limited functionality, to receive your phone calls and texts on the watch too. Unfortunately, it isn’t water proof so be careful when hiking and, obviously, don’t take it swimming with you. Another downside is that it can be very pricey.
The best Garmin wearable is the Garmin Forerunner which is also a watch that has a top of the line heart rate monitor, can track a bunch of different types of exercise and it’s also waterproof. So what’s the downside? It’s one of the most expensive on the market. It also isn’t very stylish either.
Would you look at that. Apple actually does have a fitness tracker that is wearable! It’s the iWatch. The positives here is that you get all the other functionality that you had with your iPhone added in. The downside is that it is still pretty basic as far as fitness trackers are concerned. Overall, if your willing to ditch your iPhone then this is probably the best option.
So there you have it – the top of the line fitness wearables on the market right now. There are many more but these are the most popular and well reviewed. I wouldn’t say that these are a necessity but if you have the extra dough to spend – why wouldn’t you help your self train more accurately?

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